Moovby's Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree that

1. I am responsible for the car for as long as I am renting it. Whatever happens to the car within the period, I will take responsible for it. That includes scratches, dents, damages and other sorts of change of condition on the car.

2. I am responsible for my own carelessness and mistakes. That includes road accidents, traffic summons, speedtraps and other traffic offense. I shall pay for compensation whenever demanded.

3. I am responsible to ensure the car is kept clean, neat and tidy as how the condition is when I rent it.

4. I am responsible to return the car with the same fuel level as I first rented. If the fuel level is below than it’s level when I first rent it, the owner/company has the rights to claim from me.

5. I am responsible to return the car exactly as how I rent it. Any change of spare-parts done on the car will be notified to the owner/company. I am aware that any change of spare-parts done to the car I rented without the owner/company ‘s permission is a serious offense and I am to be charged for it.

6. I am not going to re-rent it to other 3rd party. It is a serious offense to do so and I am aware that I may be charged if proven guilty.

7. I am the only person driving the car. If somebody else were to replace me, it is my responsibility to inform the car owner/company.

8. I am aware that it is forbidden to bring in non-halal foods and alcohols into the car. I may be charged if proven guilty.

9. Moovby has the right to give my details to the company/individual I am renting from if there is a case arise, with a condition that a police report has been lodged.

I am fully aware and agree that

1. The car I am listing out is owned by me or my father/my mother/my son/my daughter. Otherwise, Moovby held no responsibility and may take action on me.

2. It is my responsibility to ensure the vehicle I am renting out is working fine before handing it over to the renter. Faillure to do so, Moovby has the right to penalize me.

3. It is my responsibility to ensure the cleanliness of my car before handing it over to the renter. Failure to do so, Moovby has the right to penalize me.

4. It is my responsibility to ensure the details of the renter provided in the system is the same as the ones provided by the renter. Failure to do so may expose to the risk of theft.

5. Any traffic offense/summon during the rental period is to be paid fully by the individual who is renting the car.

6. Moovby is not responsible to any sort of liability including but not limited to accidents, insurance, injuries, property damage, theft, summons, any form of damage and lose of parts.

7. I shall report to Moovby first in occurrence of any event in order to request for Moovby’s assistance.

8. My car should be equipped with a GPS tracker in order for Moovby to assist me tracking my car in a case of theft. However, no assurance of retrieving it is promised.

9. In no event shall Moovby, it’s affiliates, agents, directors, employees, suppliers or it’s licensors be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including without limitation damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible loses, that result from the use of, or the inability to use this service, including without limitation any rental.